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Olanike Olatunji


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At OICS, our objective is to accommodate your needs. Our PEST CONTROL expertise and labor management techniques can provide verity of option for your customized schedule. We have established a reputation in the industry for quality and dependability for your entire requirements. At OICS we are focused on the job in hand and we would like to do it with satisfaction. Based on our experience in the industry we know that quality control is the key element to customer satisfaction. Since there is a drastic realization among organizations and companies toward environment, we at OICS, we have long recognize that the importance of the quality of the service that we provided must be in line with the PEST CONTROL REGULATION

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Our Cleaning Experts

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Our goal is to service each of our customer’s facilities to the best of our abilities and in the highest standard possible.


Our objective is to accommodate your cleaning needs by providing verity of options for your customized cleaning schedule.


 At OICS we believe that your values are what set you aside and ensure your credibility. Our core values are EXCELLENCE, TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY, SATISFACTION and RESPECT


At everything we do we strive for excellence. We operate at the highest possible standard to meet our customer needs


We believe in teamwork. We believe in people working together to accomplish a common goal


We believe integrity. We believe that honesty and good moral values build a strong reputation


We believe that our customer and employees are the soul of our organization we believe in satisfying our customer and employee needs


We believe in respect. We respect our Employees, our customer and our community